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You’ve seen these types of replacement windows everywhere. Do you know what they are?

There are many different window styles available in Greensboro, NC, but some are more common than others. Some of these window styles have stood the test of decades and seem to blend seamlessly with every style of home, contemporary or classic. You probably pass all different types of windows in your daily life, but now that you’re searching for replacement windows, you’re more aware of their shapes and benefits. If you haven’t decided on the type of replacement windows you want yet, here are a few of the most common styles.

Bay/Bow Windows

These two similar styles are among the most elegant types of replacement windows you can find. Both are made up of multiple panes of glass that angle outward. Bay windows use three panes while bow windows use five panes for a more rounded shape. These are typically found in classic styles, but look excellent in more contemporary homes as well. These windows offer stunning extended views and help smaller rooms to feel larger. They also create the opportunity for appealing window seats or nooks.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are rarely the main windows in a given room, but they are very common, generally helping in their way to let in more light and ventilation. They’re usually small, horizontal windows which open outward from the bottom. Placed lower on the ground, they can help to cool a room on a nice day. Placed higher on the wall, in a clerestory style, these windows allow daylight to flood into the room. With the right detailing, these windows can suit any number of home styles.

Casement Windows

Imagine an awning window that’s been tipped on its side. Casement windows are tall, vertical windows that open out through the use of a hand crank. These windows are classy in any design, offering extended outdoor views and plenty of sunlight. Sometimes multiple casement windows are bought to form a row, or two casement windows share the same frame to create a double-doors sort of effect. These are perfect windows to open on a nice day and let the fresh air in.

Double-Hung Windows

Undoubtedly the most common replacement window style, double hung windows are made of two movable sashes. One moves upward while the other moves downward. This gives these windows a versatility that’s hard to find in other styles. You can half open the window on a nice day, or it can house your window AC unit. These windows are found in just about every home, to the point that you might not even notice them now. You’ll just enjoy the benefits of lighting and a tighter air seal for your windows.

Which window style is your favorite? These are just a few types of replacement windows that we offer at Zen Windows Carolina. Contact us today for more information or a free quote on your replacement windows.