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Halloween is almost here, and if you’re like us, you love to go all out for the holiday. Whether your Halloween aesthetic leans more spooky or harvest, there’s something delightful about getting the yard all decked out, shopping for costumes for your kids or even for yourself. But what about your residential windows? Your windows can be a great asset to your spooky curb appeal. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for dressing up your Greensboro windows this Halloween:


Sometimes things just look spookier when you can’t make out all the details. Shadows and silhouettes are a staple of Halloween decorations, and they’re perfect for your window decorations. You can buy them in store or make your own. Sometimes it’s the silhouette of a black cat or a jack-o-lantern. Other times, it might be a skeleton or ghost. Perhaps bats, or a headless figure, better suit your window.

All you need is translucent paper or shades to cover the surface of the window, and something in the shape you want to go behind it. A tinted red light can add to the scary ambiance. When you turn on the lights, the silhouette will stand out, casting shadows for by-passers to wonder at.

Ghostly Shapes

Ghost stories are always a thrill, but especially come Halloween. Give your house a haunted look by placing a decorative ghost at the window to look out at the street. You can even create cute paper ghosts to hang on the windowsill for the benefit of those inside, or ghost garlands to hang from the tops of the windows. Your ghosts can range from chilling to just…kind of cute.


Not everyone enjoys the spooky vibe, and that’s okay. There’s more to Halloween — and autumn as a whole. Instead, you can focus on soft autumn aesthetics that will last beyond Halloween. Harvest decorations are always in fashion, and don’t have to be quite as messy as real nature. You can buy artificial fall leaves to form a wreath or garland, or even to create the appearance of falling leaves along your window. Cornucopias are another popular option. And if you want to choose something that’s more specifically Halloween, create a jack-o-lantern and give it backlighting so that those who pass by can see it from the window.

However you plan to dress up your windows this Halloween in Greensboro, it’s good to have residential windows you can count on. Contact Zen Windows Carolina today for more information or a free quote.