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Renovations are exhilarating, especially when they increase your home’s beauty or function, but they don’t all add the same amount of value to your home. For that reason, many homeowners tend to focus on the most valuable home improvements — such as kitchen remodels or bathroom remodels. But what about new windows? Adding new windows to your home can make a major impact in terms of both aesthetics and energy efficiency. But is replacing your windows actually worth it?

Most homeowners don’t replace their home’s windows unless they really have to. The cost of new windows can add up fast, depending on the scope of your project and what company you work with. The primary reasons that people decide to get new windows for their home include:

  • Updating the appearance of the home
  • Improving energy efficiency and reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Repairing damage after a storm or accident
  • Replacing older windows that have accumulated normal wear and tear

Added Value of New Windows

Some good news if you want to make that investment: New windows have a high return rate (as much as 81% in one survey), and you can boost that return even higher by choosing windows designed to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Not only will energy-efficient windows be attractive to future buyers; they’ll help you save on energy costs, so you can start recouping costs right away.

A window’s energy efficiency depends on two things: the material it’s made from and its design. Zen Windows’ vinyl window frames are insulated for minimal energy transfer, and many of our windows have features like triple-pane glass and low-E coatings. Windows that shut tightly or don’t open at all offer few chances for heated or cooled air to seep out of your home, or for outdoor air to drift in.

There are a few different window styles that are ideal if you want more energy-efficient windows:

  • Casement Windows: These windows create a tighter seal than typical double-hung windows, leaving fewer opportunities for air to seep in or out.
  • Picture Windows: Because these windows don’t open, there are few, if any, paths for air.
  • Awning Windows: Similar to casement windows, these hinged windows typically have low air leakage rates. Their crank handle lets you ensure a tight seal when you close the window.

Learn More About Options from Zen Windows

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows, give the team at Zen Windows North Carolina a shout to get a free quote. Our window experts can guide you through our options. We offer a hassle-free, no-pressure experience. If you choose to upgrade your windows with us, you won’t pay a dime until your new windows are installed and you’re completely satisfied. Come experience the Zen Windows difference.