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Casement windows are a popular window style among homeowners in Greensboro due to their unique design features that make them different from any other window style. Casement windows are easy to open and are one of the most secure windows available.

What Is A Casement Window?

The most unique and distinct feature of casement windows that sets them apart (and appeals to so many homeowners) is the hinge-style of opening rather than the typical sliding action of opening. French style casement windows open similar to French doors; with hinges on the sides. They swing outward allowing maximum air ventilation and unobstructed viewing. You can see for yourself how visually appealing casement windows are in our casement window gallery.

Easy Of Opening

Another feature that sets the casement window apart from other styles is the simplicity of opening. Casement windows open with a lever or crank that is easily turned by hand – making this window style very appealing for difficult to reach areas such as over kitchen countertops and in bathrooms. This special feature is also a favorite among homeowners who require windows with an ease of opening due to physical limitations such as disabilities or the elderly.

You may wonder if you will still have the option of window screens if you choose to install casement windows in Greensboro and the answer is: Yes! Although casement windows swing outward, they still come equipped with a screen on the inside between the crank and the window itself.

Spectacular View

If you are looking for a window for a room with a view or if you love a large, unobstructed viewing area, casement windows are an excellent choice for your home in Greensboro. This means that you will get that added benefit of a connection with the outdoors and you can showcase your spectacular view.

Optimal Security

Casement windows are the safest opening window available. Once closed, the casement window seals tightly and is also flush on the outside. This makes them virtually impossible to break into. This will deter burglars and keep your home safer.

Energy Efficiency

This tight seal also makes casement windows one of the most energy-efficient window styles. Installing casement windows throughout your home can lower your energy bills by about 7 to 15%. This is a significant energy savings for your home and will result in a valuable savings for you.

A Different Window Buying Experience

Zen Windows of Greensboro offers many varieties and styles of casement windows for your home in Greensboro. We believe that the window buying experience should be stress-free and that you should never have to compromise on quality for an affordable price. We cut out all of the unnecessary, which keeps our prices low, and allows us to focus on what’s really important: premium windows. Ready for a window quote? You can have your free window quote in just five minutes with our easy, no-obligation quote today. We also offer lifetime warranties and financing. With no pressure, why not get your quote today?